Why I Rushed a Sorority


I will never forget the day my best friend Kaiser said, “My senior year at Bishop Kelly was harder than my freshman year here at OSU.”  It absolutely blew my mind.

In my small town, it’s a good thing if you even go to college, much less go to a nice, big university.  Then if you’re in a greek house on top of all that, it’s pretty rare.  Maybe, just maybe, their might be one person per graduating class that actually does it, but that’s probably a stretch to say.

I went to OU my freshman year of college, and was literally the only person from my graduating class that went there. I knew one person from my high school there, and she was a senior.  She told me all about sororities, and how much she benefited from being in one because it gave her a home away from home, which is definitely a plus when you’re all alone in a big place and home is two and a half hours away.

There was a whole group of ladies at my church in Stigler who were in sororities in college, and they helped prepare me for rush more than I realized at the time. I took all of their advice except for one thing. They told me that I needed to keep an open mind during rush, and not to go into it with any favorites.  I didn’t realize how important that advice was, until now. I ended up going for the sorority my friend was in, just because it was the one I was most familiar with, and I ended up not really fitting in there like I had hoped. Now maybe that was just OU in general that I didn’t fit in with, but either way I was not happy.

I had a few high school friends at OSU that I would go visit during my freshman year, and I just fell in love with Stillwater. It felt like home. 

So of course, I transferred after my freshman year. And let me tell you, being born and raised a sooner fan, it was a pretty hard decision, but when I realized that my unhappiness was effecting my school work, I knew I had to do something.

The first semester at OSU I didn’t affiliate with my sorority, because honestly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I didn’t want things to go the same way they had in Norman, but all it took was them inviting me to come attend the last chapter of the semester before Christmas break, and I realized I wanted to be a part of the house.

Not really knowing any of the girls in the house that well, I went ahead and moved in at the beginning of that next spring semester, and I’ve never made a better decision in my life.  They accepted me right away, and I have the best friends I could ask for now. 

I’ve been an only child my whole life, and I finally get to have sisters. 🙂


About bethanyfolkes

A few fun facts about me to start it off: 1. I like to put clothes on my little Maltese dog, mostly pink clothes. (And of course she loves wearing them.) 2. I didn't really have that much hair until the age of 6 or 7. (I was a tragic looking child there for a few years.) 3. I have a fainting problem when it comes to blood, or anything fairly related to it, like shots. (I've passed out in a classroom before when the teacher was talking about bad car accidents and people getting their heads cut off.) Now for some more normal things about me: I'm a junior at Oklahoma State University, where I'm studying strategic communications with an emphasis on public relations. I'm definitely a people person. I love meeting new people and making new friends and connections, and I want a career that will embrace it and encourage that. I'm a Kappa Alpha Theta, and I've have never had as much fun living anywhere else besides my sorority house. I'm from a small town in Oklahoma, so I'm definitely a little country at heart. I love the outdoors, and I've always wanted to go hunting! Hopefully someone will take me soon. I love R&B and Rap, but I listen to country more than any other genre of music. Jason Aldean, Gary Allan, Luke Bryan (aka my future husband), Lady Antebellum, etc.

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