Greek Pancakes


It’s that time of year again, when all the greek houses start having their philanthropies. From late night food parties, to 5k runs, or even rock concerts, the greeks have it all.

The most recent was this past Thursday night. Starting at 10 p.m., Gamma Phi Beta had their annual Pancake Palooza as a fundraiser for their philanthropy.  Not only did they serve pancakes, but they had CHOCOLATE pancakes! Talk about some good eatin’.

I’m not sure which was better though; the amazing food they served, or all my friends from my own or other houses that I ran into there. I ended up not even eating with the group I came with because another group of friends wanted me come sit with them so we could catch up.

The next philanthropy will be Alpha Delta Phi’s 5k Run on Sunday. Not sure what time it starts, I’m not really the 5k-runner type, but I’m sure it will be a big hit! My freshman year at OU we did a 5k run. I even entered it, (because we obviously had to, since it was our house’s event) and I definitely walked it. And yeah, it might have taken over an hour for me and the girls walking with me to complete it at the pace we were going, but it was kinda fun really.

I might sign up and pay to be a part of ADPi’s run and just not actually be in it.  I mean, isn’t that the whole reason for it? To raise money. So if I buy a ticket and stuff for it then I’m contributing, right?

I’ve decided to end each week’s blog post with a new word or phrase that’s really prominent around the sorority houses (or at lease mine). This week’s phrase is:

“Love you; mean it!”


About bethanyfolkes

A few fun facts about me to start it off: 1. I like to put clothes on my little Maltese dog, mostly pink clothes. (And of course she loves wearing them.) 2. I didn't really have that much hair until the age of 6 or 7. (I was a tragic looking child there for a few years.) 3. I have a fainting problem when it comes to blood, or anything fairly related to it, like shots. (I've passed out in a classroom before when the teacher was talking about bad car accidents and people getting their heads cut off.) Now for some more normal things about me: I'm a junior at Oklahoma State University, where I'm studying strategic communications with an emphasis on public relations. I'm definitely a people person. I love meeting new people and making new friends and connections, and I want a career that will embrace it and encourage that. I'm a Kappa Alpha Theta, and I've have never had as much fun living anywhere else besides my sorority house. I'm from a small town in Oklahoma, so I'm definitely a little country at heart. I love the outdoors, and I've always wanted to go hunting! Hopefully someone will take me soon. I love R&B and Rap, but I listen to country more than any other genre of music. Jason Aldean, Gary Allan, Luke Bryan (aka my future husband), Lady Antebellum, etc.

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  1. When I was in school, my dad (who’s kind of a big reader and language lover) always wanted me to tell him the latest slang or saying. Thank you for taking me back 15 years to when we used to say, “Bam! We’re there” and other stuff that seems goofy now. 🙂

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