Monthly Archives: October 2011

She’s a “Goodfellow”


This week I wanted to spotlight a friend that always goes out of her way to help not only me, but all of her friends. This angel’s name is Beth Goodfellow.

She and I are not only in the same sorority, but also on Executive Board of AdClub.  She is the Programs Chair, and I am the Social Chair, but to be honest, she could easily do both jobs.

Programs Chair decides what we do in the meetings and on the trips, like what professionals we visit and etc. Social Chair decides where we go afterwards for the entertainment side of things, like what restaurant we eat at or what food we have at the meetings.

Just this past week we had an AdClub meeting, and of course who could I count on to go with me and help me carry all the pizza’s? Beth Goodfellow.

She’s always helping me with good ideas, and how I should go about implement

ing them. It’s my first year in AdClub, and it’s her second, so she knows how everything goes.

She is also very helpful and thoughtful in just everyday life.  She’s always looking for ways to help other people, and if you do get a chance to help her with something, she is SO appreciative.

She’s a best friend, and someone I even look up to, because she is so organized and smart. She knows exactly what she wants to do in life, and she’s already out there working towards it.

She’s not only someone you can count on, but she’s also someone you can truly trust.

Oh and I almost forgot! The Sorority Girl phrase/word of the week is:

Putting “est” on the end of every adjective. Example: “sassiest” or “funniest” or “precious-est”. And you only use that one word to describe whatever it is you’re talking about.

For example, on this picture on Facebook I would put a comment saying, “cutest!”

These “theta  superlatives” (so they’ve been called) also make for great hashtags on Twitter! 🙂