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My Video Project!



& Lastly


So this post will conclude this blogging page. I would like to say that the whole blogging concept seemed fun at first, until I actually had to think of stuff to put in it every week.

I feel like if I had a better topic, or a more specific purpose for writing in a blog then it would be easy to do, like writing in one for a company. So if a future employer does ask me to write in a blog for the business, I do feel as if I know what to do and how to do it, and probably wouldn’t be opposed to doing so.  Although, I do feel like blogs aren’t really that effective, because I don’t feel like many people read them, at least young people.  I don’t think I have any friends that keep up with online blogs.

Even though the blogging all semester thing didn’t work out so well, it was still fun making my own blog page and designing it and stuff. I do admit though, I’m excited to learn how to use that other program we were shown in class that we are going to use to make our own webpage. I feel like you could make a cool blogging page with that website, too.