Sadie Jojo

Sadie Jojo

Having to move away from my first pet, Mr. Rosie, was not fun as a child.  I loved that cat, but my favorite pet I’ve ever had is the one I got for my birthday when we moved to Stigler.  Her name is Sadie Jojo, she’s a Maltese, and we still have her.

Sadie will be 10 in May, which is weird to think about, because I still consider her my little baby.  She’s still the same silly dog she’s always been.  She’s so cute; she has white fluffy hair, which after she’s just been washed and dried, makes her look like a ball of white fur that moves.

Something unique about Sadie is her underbite.  It’s not like a bad underbite, but it is noticeable.  We’re not sure how it happened; we think maybe someone played tug-o-war with her using a sock (because she loved that when she was younger) and got too aggressive. We aren’t sure that she had an underbite when we first got her, though.

It bums me out, because honestly Sadie takes to my mom more than she does me.  A few days after I got her I went to church camp for a week, and that whole time she slept with my mom and bonded with her more instead of me.  She’s slept with my mom ever since, and now that I’m away at college I feel like I hardly ever get to see her.

Since Sadie is such a small dog, about six pounds, I bet she’ll live a long time for dogs, at least I hope so; I don’t know what I’ll do when she passes away.  She’s always been a lap dog, not the most active, though, but such a cutie! We like to put clothes on her, and she looks so adorable when we do!  The picture I’ve attached is from two Christmases ago when we dressed her like an elf! This past Christmas she was dressed as Santa. 🙂


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