Bella the Wild One


My high school job was babysitting.  I mainly babysat this young girl who was about 5 when I first started. Her name is Stephanie, but everyone just called her Sissy.  By the time I was a senior, I had been babysitting her for almost two years, and she was like a sister to me and I liked her mom, Pam, and brothers, too.

Christmas break of my senior year Sissy got a new kitten from a family friend, but I guess Pam hadn’t gotten permission from Sissy’s dad, because he said no, and that it had to go.  Pam asked me to keep it for a few days until they figured out what to do with it.

Here it is more then three years later, and I guess they’re still deciding what to do with it, haha. No, they much assumed that we would end up keeping it, which we honestly didn’t have much of a choice about, but we liked it at first and named it Bella, because my friend Jamie, who has about eleven cats, told me it was a girl.

When my mom and I took Bella to the vet to get spayed, they realized it was not in fact a girl, but a boy. It was disappointing that this would happen to us again, ha. My mom suggested calling him Mr. Bella, but that was Mr. Rosie’s thing, I didn’t want to do the same thing, so I just kept calling him Bella.

He hasn’t been around the house the past few months as much as usual. He almost always stayed outside, but would come in to eat and maybe sleep a little bit during the day. He would always kill birds or moles and lay them on the doorstep. Well, we think that him being outside all night around other wild animals made him a little bit crazy, because he attacked my dog Sadie Jojo one day!  I was so mad; I threw him off the porch and into the yard (it was like a foot drop).

Ever since then he hasn’t come around as much, and also due to the fact that over Christmas break a momma cat and one kitten showed up soaking wet from the rain on our porch, and the momma was so, so skinny. We still have them at our house, but we keep them outside at all times. Bella doesn’t really know what to think about them.  My next post will be about the momma cat and how she just had four more kittens that we weren’t really expecting.


About bethanyfolkes

A few fun facts about me to start it off: 1. I like to put clothes on my little Maltese dog, mostly pink clothes. (And of course she loves wearing them.) 2. I didn't really have that much hair until the age of 6 or 7. (I was a tragic looking child there for a few years.) 3. I have a fainting problem when it comes to blood, or anything fairly related to it, like shots. (I've passed out in a classroom before when the teacher was talking about bad car accidents and people getting their heads cut off.) Now for some more normal things about me: I'm a junior at Oklahoma State University, where I'm studying strategic communications with an emphasis on public relations. I'm definitely a people person. I love meeting new people and making new friends and connections, and I want a career that will embrace it and encourage that. I'm a Kappa Alpha Theta, and I've have never had as much fun living anywhere else besides my sorority house. I'm from a small town in Oklahoma, so I'm definitely a little country at heart. I love the outdoors, and I've always wanted to go hunting! Hopefully someone will take me soon. I love R&B and Rap, but I listen to country more than any other genre of music. Jason Aldean, Gary Allan, Luke Bryan (aka my future husband), Lady Antebellum, etc.

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