Momma & Baby Cat


I’ve always been a huge animal person. I get it from my dad, because he’s more of one than I am. He refuses to hunt deer because he doesn’t want to kill one. I’m not that hardcore, I would like to go deer hunting sometime and try it out. But when it comes to animals like dogs and cats, it’s a weakness.  I feel sorry for the ones who get dumped on the side of the road.

During this past Christmas break my mom, my friend Martin, and I were sitting around watching a movie one evening, when we started hearing meowing coming from outside the side door. We looked out the window in the door and there was a momma and a baby, whose eyes weren’t even open yet he was so young.

The momma cat was grossly skinny; I don’t even think she could produce milk for her baby.  So we fed them, and gave the baby cat milk and water, and it wasn’t long until momma cat could produce milk for her baby.

The baby kitty is getting bigger, and he’s so adorable! He has neon green eyes like his mom.  His mom is nursing four kittens right now.  Yes, I know, more kittens, but it wasn’t planned, we’re not even sure who the father cat is. 

Momma cat went into labor Tuesday, and hadn’t left the garage, where we lock her up so no other cats can get toher, since before she went into labor, until today.  Last night my friend Martin said he heard two cats fighting, and it was the baby cat (who’s grown up a lot now) fighting some random cat.  He ran out there and scared the other cat away.

The next morning when he went in the garage to feed momma cat, she immediately got up and when outside on the porch and smelled of the railings where the cats had rubbed during the fight.  It was like she was worried and had heard it during the night but couldn’t get out there to help.  After she finished smelling around without even leaving the porch, she went back into the garage to her kittens; she’s a good momma.


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