Ace & Spade


I’ve decided that my next dog will be extremely well trained.  I love my little Sadie, but I do love when people have bigger dogs that are so smart and learn quickly.  One thing that amazes me is teaching a dog how to hunt, and retrieve a duck after you shoot it.

My boyfriend, Johnathan, has two dogs: a boy, Ace, and a girl, Spade.  His favorite is Ace, but that’s because he listens better. Ace’s main goal is to make his owner happy, whereas Spade’s main goal is to make herself happy.

Spade gets over excited when she gets to be around humans and gets to go do something, which makes her too distracted to do anything cool.  It is funny though, because when we go on walks Johnathan will find a stick or something to throw off the deck into this lake, and I’m telling you those dogs fight and fight over that thing the whole time they’re swimming back.

Ace though, he’s a champ.  He follows orders perfectly, and is smart. You can throw the fake duck a good ways to where it lands out of his sight, but he’ll wait there until you tell him to go, and once you do he takes off and retrieves it. When he brings it back he waits with it in his mouth for you to grab it, instead of laying it on the ground.

Ace and Spade live outside in a big fenced in area where they each have a dog house.  Recently we let Ace inside, and for only having been inside probably once before in his life, he acted amazing. He just stayed on his dog bed and rarely acted as if he even noticed the cat Zeus was there. Zeus on the other hand kept his eye on Ace, and loved to observe Ace while he was sleeping. It was quite comical.

Zeus doesn’t know what to think about Ace being let inside the house.


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