Monthly Archives: April 2012



By far the coolest cat I’ve ever met is my boyfriend’s cat, Zeus. He’s a white and grey spotted kind of, except the grey is like grey stripes over darker grey.  This cat is more like a dog than a cat, except for the fact that he doesn’t have a tail, so I guess in that way he is like neither of the two. But heck, this cat is more like a dog than my dog Sadie.

One of the first things I noticed about Zeus was how well he obeyed.  He has been trained like you would train a dog; it is insane.  It’s funny to catch him doing something he’s not supposed to, because he knows he’s not supposed to do that and when he gets caught it surprises and scared him, and he gets this “I wasn’t doing anything bad” look on his face; it’s so cute.

Another thing I love about Zeus is how sweet he is.  Especially if you catch him after he wakes up from sleeping. He is cuddly and will go out of his way to rub his face in yours while purring louder than a phone vibrating on a hard surface.

I love when you’re petting an animal and you can tell that they are enjoying it by their eyes slowly shutting or them freezing in a position because it feels too good to move, ha.  Zeus does this one thing when you hold him on his back and he sticks his legs straight up and spreads it apart; now that’s funny.

One of the coolest things about this cat is that if fetches Tootsie Rolls! Yes, fetches like a dog does with Frisbees and balls. But there is something about a tootsie roll; as soon as you hold it up he will freak out and be so excited for you to throw it! Then he will be gone in a second and back in a few more seconds with it in his mouth, and he’ll set it down and wait for you to do this over and over; it can be quite entertaining because he will do anything to get to it, so sometimes he falls or slides across the floor or something like that, haha. He’s crazy, but we love him.