Snowball, Hopper, Fluffy?


When I was almost 5 in 1996, I was in Howe, Okla. for Reunion Days, which is a annual festival that takes place. Howe is a very small town. My mom’s graduating class had 10 people!

So there I am, a little girl, and I see this tent that is giving away bunnies! Well, they weren’t just giving them away. You had to stand behind a fence or rail and shoot a ping-pong ball into a bowl or ring that was floating in one of those tiny, little kid’s mini pools.

I got so excited because I wanted a bunny so bad, but I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to win one.   So little, short me went up to the tent dead set on making this ping-pong ball into a bowl, and let me tell you, I failed miserably, about four times probably.

Each time I failed I’d be back to my mom for another dollar to be able to play.  Finally, after a few tries, she told me that it was my last try, and when I didn’t make it I just started crying.  I remember how I was feeling at the moment, and I was upset. The bunnies were so close to me, I could even pet them and hold them, and my mom had already said I could keep one if I won one.

After I came back crying, a good friend of my mom’s went over to the owner of the tent and I paid him some money to let me shoot the ball from the other side of fence.  Well, I guess “the other side of the fence” is stretching it a little bit, because I was standing over the mini pool at this point, but guess what? I made it!

I had the bunny a few months, and then it got a cold and we didn’t realize it until we found it dead one day. I don’t remember what I named it, but it was a white bunny, so I’m sure it was some obvious name like “fluffy” or “snowball” or “hopper.”  I’m not sure, but I know I was confused and sad when it died.


Sadie Jojo

Sadie Jojo

Having to move away from my first pet, Mr. Rosie, was not fun as a child.  I loved that cat, but my favorite pet I’ve ever had is the one I got for my birthday when we moved to Stigler.  Her name is Sadie Jojo, she’s a Maltese, and we still have her.

Sadie will be 10 in May, which is weird to think about, because I still consider her my little baby.  She’s still the same silly dog she’s always been.  She’s so cute; she has white fluffy hair, which after she’s just been washed and dried, makes her look like a ball of white fur that moves.

Something unique about Sadie is her underbite.  It’s not like a bad underbite, but it is noticeable.  We’re not sure how it happened; we think maybe someone played tug-o-war with her using a sock (because she loved that when she was younger) and got too aggressive. We aren’t sure that she had an underbite when we first got her, though.

It bums me out, because honestly Sadie takes to my mom more than she does me.  A few days after I got her I went to church camp for a week, and that whole time she slept with my mom and bonded with her more instead of me.  She’s slept with my mom ever since, and now that I’m away at college I feel like I hardly ever get to see her.

Since Sadie is such a small dog, about six pounds, I bet she’ll live a long time for dogs, at least I hope so; I don’t know what I’ll do when she passes away.  She’s always been a lap dog, not the most active, though, but such a cutie! We like to put clothes on her, and she looks so adorable when we do!  The picture I’ve attached is from two Christmases ago when we dressed her like an elf! This past Christmas she was dressed as Santa. 🙂

Mr. Rosie


My first real pet was a grey and black cat named Rosie Christina Folkes.  I didn’t even know I was getting it until I came home from school one day and heard an odd sound from the laundry room. I asked my mom what it was and with a grin on her face she said, “I don’t know, go see for yourself.”  I wasn’t sure what I had heard. I thought it was a bird sound at first, but then I walked into the room and this adorable little kitten came running at me.

My mom had gotten it from my babysitter, and had her pick out a female because she knew that’s what I’d want. I think I named her Rosie because liked roses, which would make since because I still like them and how they smell.  Her middle name, Christina, came from my obsession with the singer Christina Aguilera, and her last name from mine, of course.

I don’t remember how much time passed, but a while after we got her, and she was already grown, she started getting into fights with other animals and would come back  injured some nights. We decided to take her to the vet to get looked at, and while we were there we told them we wanted to get her spade.

Well, as it turns out Rosie is a Mr. Rosie. He didn’t need to be spade, but instead neutered. The vet got a laugh out of it, and is the one who suggested calling him Mr. Rosie, and so we did. It worked out quite well, he still knew his name and it made for an interesting conversation every time someone new heard him called that.

He was a fun cat though he slept a lot. We had a wall heater in our living room and he would lay on his back with all fours spread and sleep. He was a fat cat, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. He would also climb the tree in my backyard with me; I would be up in the tree and sometime if he saw me he would come join. When we moved we had to leave him, but the family who bought our house took him and had a daughter who loved cats, so it all worked out.

& Lastly


So this post will conclude this blogging page. I would like to say that the whole blogging concept seemed fun at first, until I actually had to think of stuff to put in it every week.

I feel like if I had a better topic, or a more specific purpose for writing in a blog then it would be easy to do, like writing in one for a company. So if a future employer does ask me to write in a blog for the business, I do feel as if I know what to do and how to do it, and probably wouldn’t be opposed to doing so.  Although, I do feel like blogs aren’t really that effective, because I don’t feel like many people read them, at least young people.  I don’t think I have any friends that keep up with online blogs.

Even though the blogging all semester thing didn’t work out so well, it was still fun making my own blog page and designing it and stuff. I do admit though, I’m excited to learn how to use that other program we were shown in class that we are going to use to make our own webpage. I feel like you could make a cool blogging page with that website, too.


She’s a “Goodfellow”


This week I wanted to spotlight a friend that always goes out of her way to help not only me, but all of her friends. This angel’s name is Beth Goodfellow.

She and I are not only in the same sorority, but also on Executive Board of AdClub.  She is the Programs Chair, and I am the Social Chair, but to be honest, she could easily do both jobs.

Programs Chair decides what we do in the meetings and on the trips, like what professionals we visit and etc. Social Chair decides where we go afterwards for the entertainment side of things, like what restaurant we eat at or what food we have at the meetings.

Just this past week we had an AdClub meeting, and of course who could I count on to go with me and help me carry all the pizza’s? Beth Goodfellow.

She’s always helping me with good ideas, and how I should go about implement

ing them. It’s my first year in AdClub, and it’s her second, so she knows how everything goes.

She is also very helpful and thoughtful in just everyday life.  She’s always looking for ways to help other people, and if you do get a chance to help her with something, she is SO appreciative.

She’s a best friend, and someone I even look up to, because she is so organized and smart. She knows exactly what she wants to do in life, and she’s already out there working towards it.

She’s not only someone you can count on, but she’s also someone you can truly trust.

Oh and I almost forgot! The Sorority Girl phrase/word of the week is:

Putting “est” on the end of every adjective. Example: “sassiest” or “funniest” or “precious-est”. And you only use that one word to describe whatever it is you’re talking about.

For example, on this picture on Facebook I would put a comment saying, “cutest!”

These “theta  superlatives” (so they’ve been called) also make for great hashtags on Twitter! 🙂