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By far the coolest cat I’ve ever met is my boyfriend’s cat, Zeus. He’s a white and grey spotted kind of, except the grey is like grey stripes over darker grey.  This cat is more like a dog than a cat, except for the fact that he doesn’t have a tail, so I guess in that way he is like neither of the two. But heck, this cat is more like a dog than my dog Sadie.

One of the first things I noticed about Zeus was how well he obeyed.  He has been trained like you would train a dog; it is insane.  It’s funny to catch him doing something he’s not supposed to, because he knows he’s not supposed to do that and when he gets caught it surprises and scared him, and he gets this “I wasn’t doing anything bad” look on his face; it’s so cute.

Another thing I love about Zeus is how sweet he is.  Especially if you catch him after he wakes up from sleeping. He is cuddly and will go out of his way to rub his face in yours while purring louder than a phone vibrating on a hard surface.

I love when you’re petting an animal and you can tell that they are enjoying it by their eyes slowly shutting or them freezing in a position because it feels too good to move, ha.  Zeus does this one thing when you hold him on his back and he sticks his legs straight up and spreads it apart; now that’s funny.

One of the coolest things about this cat is that if fetches Tootsie Rolls! Yes, fetches like a dog does with Frisbees and balls. But there is something about a tootsie roll; as soon as you hold it up he will freak out and be so excited for you to throw it! Then he will be gone in a second and back in a few more seconds with it in his mouth, and he’ll set it down and wait for you to do this over and over; it can be quite entertaining because he will do anything to get to it, so sometimes he falls or slides across the floor or something like that, haha. He’s crazy, but we love him.


Ace & Spade


I’ve decided that my next dog will be extremely well trained.  I love my little Sadie, but I do love when people have bigger dogs that are so smart and learn quickly.  One thing that amazes me is teaching a dog how to hunt, and retrieve a duck after you shoot it.

My boyfriend, Johnathan, has two dogs: a boy, Ace, and a girl, Spade.  His favorite is Ace, but that’s because he listens better. Ace’s main goal is to make his owner happy, whereas Spade’s main goal is to make herself happy.

Spade gets over excited when she gets to be around humans and gets to go do something, which makes her too distracted to do anything cool.  It is funny though, because when we go on walks Johnathan will find a stick or something to throw off the deck into this lake, and I’m telling you those dogs fight and fight over that thing the whole time they’re swimming back.

Ace though, he’s a champ.  He follows orders perfectly, and is smart. You can throw the fake duck a good ways to where it lands out of his sight, but he’ll wait there until you tell him to go, and once you do he takes off and retrieves it. When he brings it back he waits with it in his mouth for you to grab it, instead of laying it on the ground.

Ace and Spade live outside in a big fenced in area where they each have a dog house.  Recently we let Ace inside, and for only having been inside probably once before in his life, he acted amazing. He just stayed on his dog bed and rarely acted as if he even noticed the cat Zeus was there. Zeus on the other hand kept his eye on Ace, and loved to observe Ace while he was sleeping. It was quite comical.

Zeus doesn’t know what to think about Ace being let inside the house.

Momma & Baby Cat


I’ve always been a huge animal person. I get it from my dad, because he’s more of one than I am. He refuses to hunt deer because he doesn’t want to kill one. I’m not that hardcore, I would like to go deer hunting sometime and try it out. But when it comes to animals like dogs and cats, it’s a weakness.  I feel sorry for the ones who get dumped on the side of the road.

During this past Christmas break my mom, my friend Martin, and I were sitting around watching a movie one evening, when we started hearing meowing coming from outside the side door. We looked out the window in the door and there was a momma and a baby, whose eyes weren’t even open yet he was so young.

The momma cat was grossly skinny; I don’t even think she could produce milk for her baby.  So we fed them, and gave the baby cat milk and water, and it wasn’t long until momma cat could produce milk for her baby.

The baby kitty is getting bigger, and he’s so adorable! He has neon green eyes like his mom.  His mom is nursing four kittens right now.  Yes, I know, more kittens, but it wasn’t planned, we’re not even sure who the father cat is. 

Momma cat went into labor Tuesday, and hadn’t left the garage, where we lock her up so no other cats can get toher, since before she went into labor, until today.  Last night my friend Martin said he heard two cats fighting, and it was the baby cat (who’s grown up a lot now) fighting some random cat.  He ran out there and scared the other cat away.

The next morning when he went in the garage to feed momma cat, she immediately got up and when outside on the porch and smelled of the railings where the cats had rubbed during the fight.  It was like she was worried and had heard it during the night but couldn’t get out there to help.  After she finished smelling around without even leaving the porch, she went back into the garage to her kittens; she’s a good momma.

Sadie Jojo

Sadie Jojo

Having to move away from my first pet, Mr. Rosie, was not fun as a child.  I loved that cat, but my favorite pet I’ve ever had is the one I got for my birthday when we moved to Stigler.  Her name is Sadie Jojo, she’s a Maltese, and we still have her.

Sadie will be 10 in May, which is weird to think about, because I still consider her my little baby.  She’s still the same silly dog she’s always been.  She’s so cute; she has white fluffy hair, which after she’s just been washed and dried, makes her look like a ball of white fur that moves.

Something unique about Sadie is her underbite.  It’s not like a bad underbite, but it is noticeable.  We’re not sure how it happened; we think maybe someone played tug-o-war with her using a sock (because she loved that when she was younger) and got too aggressive. We aren’t sure that she had an underbite when we first got her, though.

It bums me out, because honestly Sadie takes to my mom more than she does me.  A few days after I got her I went to church camp for a week, and that whole time she slept with my mom and bonded with her more instead of me.  She’s slept with my mom ever since, and now that I’m away at college I feel like I hardly ever get to see her.

Since Sadie is such a small dog, about six pounds, I bet she’ll live a long time for dogs, at least I hope so; I don’t know what I’ll do when she passes away.  She’s always been a lap dog, not the most active, though, but such a cutie! We like to put clothes on her, and she looks so adorable when we do!  The picture I’ve attached is from two Christmases ago when we dressed her like an elf! This past Christmas she was dressed as Santa. 🙂